We hope to share our visions regarding the artistry of photography with you, to take you to spectacular yet rarely photographed locations, and to make new friends with “artists-with-cameras” as well.  We’re currently planning our 2019 workshop schedule. Please stay tuned for updates and details, and email us at waitsburgslp@gmail.com with questions and/or suggestions regarding these upcoming and/or future workshops.   

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The Wallowa Valley and Hell's Canyon

Geographic Location: Within 40-mile radius of Enterprise, Oregon

Workshop Duration: Two workshops, 3 full days each

Maximum Workshop Size: 8 students

Instructors: Bill Rodgers

2019 Workshop Dates: tentative June 21-23

Things You Will Need: Vehicle with good tires, full camping outfit, digital camera(s), tripod, laptop computer with photo-processing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or Luminar.

Join landscape photographer Bill Rodgers for three days of photographing the beautiful Wallowa Valley and Mountains, spectacular views into Hell’s Canyon and rugged Seven Devil’s Mountains from Hat Point, the canyons of the Imnaha River system, and Zumwalt Prairie.  This is some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the western U.S. We often see mountain goats and mountain sheep at Hat Point for those who enjoy wildlife photography, so bring your long lenses.  The 15-minute tram ride up Mount Howard and the views from the top into the rugged and majestic Wallowa Mountains are world class awesome.

Affiliate Waitsburg School of Landscape Photography (WSLP) instructors may include Seattle photographer Mark Hussein and local artist Leslie Cain, if they are available.  Other local artists may be invited to participate, as available. 

We will camp out for two nights and spend our final afternoon and night at a hotel in charming Joseph, Oregon <josephoregon.com>, where we will process and share our impressions of each other’s photographs with the class. We are currently investigating a small power source to power laptops and a projector for evening class work in the campsites.  Joseph is a destination town with a fine art gallery, good restaurants, an out-of-this-world chocolate shop, and a fine distillery for those who enjoy spirits.  Camping fees and hotel accommodations (double occupancy) are included in the workshop fee.  

Some of our travel will be on relatively good gravel roads, so good tires are a must to minimize flats.  While four-wheel drive vehicles are not absolutely necessary, the roads can be bumpy if they have not been graded for a while.  Participants will be responsible for providing their own tents, sleeping bags, and mattresses. For those traveling to the area by air, a limited number of coolers, camp stoves, and other kitchen amenities will be shared.  Should you plan to drive to the workshop, please bring your full camping kit with you. 

Bill looks forward to having you join him for an unforgettable workshop in The Wallowa Valley. 


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The Southern Palouse - "The Wallouse"

Geographic Location: Within a 50-mile radius of Waitsburg, Washington

Workshop Duration: 3 full days

Maximum Workshop Size: 6 to 10 students, depending on class size

Instructors: Bill Rodgers (6-student classes); and Mark Hussein and/or Leslie Cain (for classes of greater than 6 students)

2019 Workshop Dates: May 10-12, May 24-26 (FULL), June 7-9 

Things You Will Need: Vehicle with good tires, digital camera(s), tripod, laptop computer with photo-processing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or Luminar.

Join landscape photographer Bill Rodgers for three days of photographing the hills, mountains, hollows, canyons, creeks, vineyards, dramatic groves of Black Locust trees, and the barns and old homesteads of the southern Palouse – what Bill fondly calls “The Wallouse” because of it’s Palouse-like character and superior scenic variety. Magnificent Palouse Falls, although technically not in the Wallouse, is an optional half-day substitute destination should a majority of workshop attendees opt to go there.

Because the Wallouse offers such rich photographic opportunities in all seasons, WSLP  offers Wallouse workshops all year long, except during the hottest weeks of mid-summer.  Spring and Fall offer such a variety and abundance of compelling scenes to photograph that three days is insufficient to see but a small portion of potential class destinations.  For fans of Andrew Wyeth, winter offers a truly incredible opportunity to work with earth tones, dramatic bare trees, old buildings, and sometimes (if we are lucky) snow.     

We will spend mornings and late afternoons/evenings in the field, photographing locations selected seasonally by Bill for lighting that will positively impact each student’s photographs.  Mid-days will be spent having lunch and in class processing photographs and studying principles of composition, lighting, landscape artistry, and the “art of seeing.”  Free time will be provided for participants to enjoy shopping and wine tasting in charming Walla Walla, a short scenic 20 miles away by good highway. 

A variety of accommodations for attendees of the  “The Southern Palouse- The Wallouse” workshops are available in Waitsburg, Walla Walla, and Dayton, Washington.  In Waitsburg, we recommend Waitsburg Cottages.  Contact us for information regarding other accommodations in Waitsburg. In Dayton, 10 miles away, we recommend the charmingly restored Weinhard Hotel, and/or Best Western.  Walla Walla has a wide variety of nationally branded hotels and dining opportunities.  Accommodation bookings and fees are not included in the workshop tuition, and attendees will be responsible for booking and paying for their own accommodations and meals.

Bill looks forward to having you join him for one of these workshops in The Wallouse. 


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Red Rocks & Golden Aspen

Geographic Location: 80-mile radius of Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Workshop Duration: 5 days

Maximum Workshop Size: 10

Instructors: Bill Rodgers and Mark Hussein

2019 Workshop Dates: Coming soon 

Things You Will Need: Vehicle with good tires, camera, laptop with photo-processing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar, or other

These two workshops are currently in the planning stages, but please read on….

Join landscape photographers Bill Rodgers and Mark Hussein as they lead you to their favorite photogenic places in Utah in the fall of 2018.  Bill has been exploring and photographing the area since 1971, and he and Mark together have been scouting this area for the past three years with the intent of offering this workshop. We’ll spend time on the high plateaus photographing beautiful groves of aspen as they begin to turn to gold, prowl the infinitely varied and dramatic landscapes of Capitol Reef, be enchanted by the exquisitely intricate and mesmerizing Mancos Badlands, frolic amidst the fun-but-eerie hoodoos of Goblin Valley, and (if accessible at the time) four-wheel (wheels and drivers to be provided by local guides) into the remote Entrada Sandstone wilderness of Cathedral Valley.   An inveterate “Utah Rat” since 1971, and also a registered geologist, Bill will be happy to share his knowledge of the fascinating geology of the area with anyone interested in the rocks and landscapes of the area.

At this time, plans are for attendees of“The Campers’ Workshop” to stay at the Group Campsite in Capitol Reef National Park’s campground at Fruita, Utah – in both Bill and Mark’s opinions, one of the finest campgrounds in Utah’s Canyonlands or anywhere else for that matter.  The campground charge is included in the workshop fee, although workshop attendees will be responsible for provisioning and preparing their own meals.  There are several very good restaurants in Torrey, Utah, just eight easy miles away, for those who do not enjoy campground cooking.

Attendees of the  “Red River Ranch Workshop” will stay at the rustic yet luxurious Red River Ranch, which is rated as one of the top seven lodges in the U.S.   The Ranch is located just a few minutes west of Torrey, Utah and it is absolutely gorgeous!  Attendees will be responsible for booking and paying for their accommodations at The Ranch, as well as for their meals at either “The Ranch” or at several of the good-to-fine restaurants and or burger-joints in Torrey.  A block of rooms will be reserved for attendees until three (two?) months prior to the class venue.

Bill and Mark look forward to having you join them on this very unique photographic and geologic adventure in Utah.