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The Waitsburg School of Landscape Photography (WSLP) is located in Waitsburg, Washington in the heart of Washington State’s southern Palouse - an area quite similar to the nearby, more famous Palouse country immediately to the north of the Snake River. Because WSLP founder, Bill Rodgers, feels that the Waitsburg area offers similar but more diverse and dramatic photographic opportunities than the Palouse, he recently bought a home in Waitsburg so that he could live, work, and teach here. With the area’s rich palette of rural scenery at his back door, almost always out in the mornings and evenings enjoying the visual environment. To geographically and photographically distinguish the Waitsburg area from the Palouse, Bill fondly refers to the area as “The Wallouse” because of its Palouse-like character and location in the historic Walla Walla River drainage.

At Waitsburg School of Landscape Photography workshops, instructors lead students to the many varied and photogenic locations that Bill discovered during the past five years of exploring, revisiting favored locations, and photographing the Wallouse. Coursework typically includes basic camera operation and photographic principles, as well as post-processing using various apps including Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar, Topaz, Nik, and Aurora HDR. Workshops are tailored, as best possible, to meet the needs of the skill levels of each class.

At WSLP, we believe that there is far more to creating magnificent landscape images than just the skilled use of cameras and post-processing software. Our talented and skilled Instructors, therefore, will often include well-known local landscape painters who will share universal artistic principles and concepts that can be used and adapted by photographers to create more compelling landscape images. To this end, classwork will also include viewing the works of classical and modern landscape painters as well as world-class landscape photographers.

The objectives of WSLP are to (1) provide landscape photographers with a blend of dramatic and/or serene photographic opportunities in an image-rich rural environment, (2) help each photographer master the use of their particular camera equipment, and (3) learn to look at landscapes with greater appreciation and possibilities for imaging. When effectively integrated, WSLP believes that the curriculum will help each student acquire the skills necessary to capture magnificent landscape images without having to resort to photographic gimmickry or cliché.

The Wallouse is, without question, photogenic almost every day of the year despite the weather. One need only be capable of “seeing” the myriad possibilities offered by the Wallouse landscapes each day. For this reason, WSLP offers workshops in all seasons.

The area has become one of the nation’s most lauded wine producing regions, and is attracting a burgeoning community of highly successful and talented artists, as well.  The wide variety of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and great restaurants in Waitsburg, Dayton, and Walla Walla guarantee that you will enjoy your stay while attending any of our local workshops. 

Waitsburg and the Wallouse await you.

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